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Decent view
  okyougosu, Sep 01 2012

Outside my new appartment window

too lazy to stand up to take more photos, i'll just turn to the left instead

worth 300k ffs
big thx party donks

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Entire 2011 results
  okyougosu, Jan 01 2012

Yes thats huge $730, stakes vary between nl100 and nl1k. 16 tables at once most of the time. My average daily poker time was like 1.5-2 hours, didn't read any forums or watch any video since mid 2010s thought im good enough to kill beat the field, however now this looks more like timewaster;/
Still up about 50k because of rb and bonuses, and up like 5k live games.
Going to improve my game and cut number of tables to 12, and switch to HM2

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Phuket pics
  okyougosu, Mar 11 2010

The black pokergod?


Riding an elephant

Practice makes best

At hotel lobby

More thai beer pls

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